My inspiration came from words and texts, Collaboration with poets creates a special situation in which the personal and intimate world of the poet meets with the private gaze of the artist.
I did these works in collaboration with various poets, some of the works were exhibited in galleries and some were published.

Lunar cycle has always been used to mark the passage of time holidays and seasons in different cultures. The Moon is a source of fairy tales and mythologies,
As the celestial object closest to the earth, astronomical phenomena associated with the moon always evoke interest and wonder.
All of these things inspired me to explore the Moon as reflected in the various fields.
All of these things inspired me to explore the Moon as reflected in culture and science and to bring my personal angle.

The making a children's book is always something special,It gives me the possibility to create unique universe.
Collaboration with an author opens for me new worlds and the opportunity and see things in a new way.
This is a place to give freedom to imagination and reconnect with private childhood memories and fantasies

For several years I did illustrations for holidays - traditional, international, contemporary, religious, modern and memorial days. I tried to include diversified selection wide as possible to the interpretations of the concept of "holiday." From celebrations that originate in the agricultural season to days of remembrance and study that established by the by the UN.

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